Trump: Can one man really be a bigger threat than a new Cold War?



Well it had to happen at some point didn’t it? Donald trump, master of controversial statements has been slated as a risk to the entire Western World. He is listed up there with instability in the China Sea and the threat from Daesh (Islamic State) as a major threat to the stability of the entire planet.


Can that be right?

When we consider individuals who have caused major problems on the world stage we come up with names like Hitler or Pol Pot. You might add in Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama and the odd Middle Eastern leader as people who could cause problems in the future, depending on your views. In my opinion Jeremy Corbyn is one dangerous nutter but that’s just my opinion. For my American friends Corbyn wants to totally disarm the UK and let in ANYONE who wants to live here…the kind of polar opposite of what Trump wants for the United States.

So exactly what dangers does Trump pose to the rest of us?

The Economist Intelligence Unit, a research and risk analysis company have warned he could single-handedly derail the global economy and raise the security risks faced by the United States.

He is listed higher up the global danger list than the UK leaving The European Union and an armed spat breaking out in the South China Sea.

Trump came in at position 12 in the biggest 25 risk factors the world faces today. One reason for this seems to be his lack of a published manifesto, he has revealed little about the policies he would implement if he became president, and those he has mentioned publicly seem to be revised on a regular basis.

His opinions on free trade and China, as well as his keep Muslims out speeches seem to have sealed his fate as a bad choice of president for the United States.

The question is, would there be a good choice?

American politicians, like politicians the world over are insidious vultures that feed on the electorate. They are nest-featherers of the first degree who operate in a cloistered word of old-boy cronyism.

They are not in their chosen field out of a desire to make the world a better place, they are in it because they are power-hungry and like the trappings and lifestyle that lording it over the rest of us gives them.

Gone are the days when politicians were for the people, when they were men of high morals and modest means who tried to improve life for their countrymen. Gone are the principled women, young and old, who fought tooth and nail to change the law allowing women the right to vote.

Now its about domination and subjugation of their countrymen and of sovereign nations around the globe, nothing more, nothing less. Thinking that you and I matter, that our county or state matters is nothing more than an outdated concept from yesteryear.

It doesn’t matter a bit who of the more traditional politicians gets the job, because the aim of all of them is a unified globe, a One World Government, the New World Order talked about by everyone from the United Nations to the Pope. A world where the social elite at the top table decide what we eat, where we work and how many kids we have.

Is Trump one of ‘them’? Be damned if I know but if he isn’t regardless of how many people vote for him he won’t become president.

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