70 Medical Tips That Actually Work


1.Putting toothpaste on a sting stops the pain.

2. Baking soda is an excellent antacid.

3. Eating activated charcoal will bind ingested chemicals and poisons

4. Aloe Vera gel takes the heat out of burns

5. Natural yogurt stops the irritation and clears vaginal thrush

6. Natural yogurt takes the heat out of sunburn

7. A strong magnet will draw metal to the surface of a wound

8. Olive oil smothers head lice killing them. Repeat after 5 days

9. Olive oil treats psoriasis and dry eczema preventing cracking

10. Cling wrap is the ideal covering for burns

11. Cinnamon sticks in a jar with water makes antiseptic mouthwash

12. If a wound has glass in squeeze both sides of the wound and it will pop out

13. White vinegar treats fungal nail infection. 1 part vinegar 2 parts water

14. Duct tape will hold a large wound together until you can deal with it

15. Scrape stings out with an ATM card. Pinching it out forces more venom in

16. Sanitary pads make excellent pressure dressings

17. Seal a sucking chest wound with a plastic bag fixed on 3 sides only over the wound. These improvised flutter valves have saved many lives. Exhaling allows air in the chest cavity to escape. Inhaling pulls the bag to the skin and allows a collapsed lung to re-inflate.

18. Clove oil relieves toothache

19. Strong, cooled black tea relieves conjunctivitis

20. Parsley stops bad breath and contains masses of vitamin C and vitamin A

21. Eggshell is the best form of calcium supplement. Dry them, grind to a fine powder and add to food and/or drink.

22. Olive oil loosens solid earwax

23. Regular sugar heals wounds, just pour it in, it doesn’t sting and promotes healing.

24. Tampons work well to plug penetrating wounds

25. Curved upholstery needles are good for suturing wounds

26. Dental floss is a good substitute for suture material in emergencies

27. Toothpaste applied to a blister or cold sore will dry them up

28. A patch of duct tape over a wart will kill it. Change patch daily.

29. Maggots make excellent cleaners for infected wounds

30. Children under 16 should not be given aspirin

31. Anyone with clotting disorders should not be given aspirin as it’s an anti coagulant.

32. 1/4 aspirin a day helps prevent heart attacks/strokes by thinning the blood

33. Cut toe nails straight across to prevent in growing and infection

34. A small blob of softened candle wax will seal a tooth where a filling is lost

35. Pleasant smells lift the spirit and enhance your mood

36. Pregnant women should not eat foods high in vitamin A ( foetal blindness) There is enough in a balanced diet.

37. The trace elements in homemade chicken soup really do make you feel better

38. Sniffing onions or vapour rub can remove small foreign bodies from you eye, they causes tears which washes the debris out

40. A large elastic band/ hair bandana be used as an emergency tourniquet

41. keep a hand/foot dressing in place with a fingerless rubber glove

42. Hold an arm/leg dressing in place with cut off piece of panty hose

43. Strap a broken finger with tape to an unbroken one next to it

44. Strap two broken fingers together to immobilize them

45. Sneeze into the crook of your arm to avoid contaminating your hands

46. Push elevator buttons with your knuckle so your fingers stay clean

47. Been hiking? If you can’t wash your clothes seal them in bags for 5 days to kill lice and other nasties you may have picked up.

48. Damp dust weekly to prevent mite infestation

49. Clean wounds however minor as soon as possible to prevent infection

50. Never burst blisters it lets infection in. Blister fluid is sterile.

51. Barley water relieves cystitis. (Boil grain and drink the juice)

52. Cranberry juice relieves cystitis

53. If you pop an abscess use a sterile needle at the bottom of the abscess to aid drainage

54. Flies spread disease. Clear all waste, food, human and pet immediately

55. Never give alcohol to hypothermic patients, it will cool them more

56. Re-warm hypothermia victims with gentle heat, preferably body heat, and do it slowly

57. Don’t rub areas you suspect to be frost bitten as it causes more damage to the already damaged skin.

58. Prevent scurvy with adequate vitamin C

59. Prevent rickets with adequate vitamin D

60. Prevent spina bifida in babies with folic acid in pregnancy

61. Prevent anaemia with adequate iron intake. Cast iron cookware helps as molecules of iron leach into the food cooked in them.

62. Prevent bone/tooth problems with adequate calcium

63. Prevent pregnancy by using natural sponge as a barrier to ejaculate

64. Natural sponge can also be a reusable feminine hygiene product

65. Wrapping a person who is cold in a mylar/emergency blanket will prevent heat from the outside getting to them as it will be reflected away. Use with care.

66. Don’t wrap people with a high temperature in mylar/emergency blankets no matter how sick they are, they will overheat and this can lead to confusions and death.

67. Treat a collapsed diabetic with sugar dissolved in water to form a paste. Put it between their bottom lip and lower gum so it quickly gets into their bloodstream. Repeat if required.

68. Milk is alkaline and will ease the pain of heartburn and acid reflux.

69. Biting down on a teabag that has been soaked in 1/2 inch of boiling water and allowed to cool will stem the bleeding and inflammation caused by a tooth extraction.

70. Honey has antimicrobial properties and spread on cuts and grazes will help keep a wound infection free.

Anybody got any tips we could add to the list? Please feel free to use the comments box and share your tips.

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8 thoughts on “70 Medical Tips That Actually Work”

  1. Hi, Liz. I think #54 needs fixing. Files do not cause disease, or my file cabinet is a lot more dangerous than I ever thought it was. πŸ˜€

    #29 doesn’t distinguish between maggots from bluebottle and greenbottle flies, which I understand are safe to use because they only eat damaged/dead flesh, and maggots from screw flies, which I gather eat both damaged/dead flesh and healthy flesh. I could be wrong, but I think it’s worth checking out to verify one way or the other.

    For #60, some people with gene SNPs related to folate processing don’t get much benefit from folic acid, which is a synthetic version of folate that does not occur in the human body. Such people need the natural forms of folate, usually L-5-MTHF. I’m one of these people and have to take above-average amounts of L5MTHF. Women of childbearing years with these gene SNPs would probably do better with L5MTHF.

    1. Steve,

      Flies DO cause disease though dead dried up ones do not. If a fly has landed for example on faeces and then on food cross contamination can and does occur and can cause health issues.This is proven.

      I made an accurate statement re maggots cleaning wounds. I did not advise people to grow their own maggots. If they chose to do so they need to look up the information. I am not an expert on flies and there are way too many species to list everyone.

      Regarding point 60. There are literally thousands of conditions that can affect the efficacy of drugs and supplements. I can name several such conditions that can affect folate uptake. Most people suffering from such conditions know they have it, and know the options available to them.

      On this occasion we have to agree to disagree. The list stands as is and will not be changed or added to.

      As always thanks for reading and commenting


      1. Liz I think SteveBC was simply pointing out a typographical error on #54, not challenging the point that flies, not “files”, are disease vectors.

        All good points in your post.

      2. Sorry, Liz. I did not mean to offend, and your points are well-taken, except for #54. I was simply having a bit of a laugh because #54 does not say “f l i e s” cause disease. It says “f i l e s” cause disease. My words were just meant to be a funny take on a misspelling. Of course, flies do cause disease.

        1. Hi Steve,

          I’m not offended…just tired lol. I STILL never caught on. off to change it.

          Feel free to keep commenting lol


          1. Hiya Steve,

            Can’t find the make funny faces button, sorry about that lol.

            Glad to see you back



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