21 Non-Cosmetic Uses For Petroleum Jelly


Petroleum Jelly has been around for almost 150 years and although the FDA have approved it for over the counter sales as a skin protectant more and more doctors are advising against using it as such on a regular basis. There is a growing amount of evidence that  petroleum based jelly can cause a build up of toxins in various organs due to it’s chemical composition.

Having said that, it still has it’s uses even if those uses are not in the more traditional health and beauty arena. Buying a huge pot of non-brand petroleum jelly can save you time and money around the house and garden. Here’s a few ideas for you:

  1. Use a smear to free up a stuck zipper.
  2. Remove a ring that’s stuck on your finger.
  3. Put on a rag and smear over garden tools to prevent rusting.
  4. A Little on a lint free rag buffs up leather furniture.
  5. Waterproof leather shoes and boots, concentrate on the seam where the sole meets the upper.
  6. Put a good-sized blob in a plastic bag and add drier lint…squeezing it each time you add some. The jelly soaks into the lint and makes excellent fire starters.
  7. It stops door hinges squeaking.
  8. Stop crawling bugs getting into the house. Put a line of Petroleum jelly outside doors and on the outside walls under windows (use a brush) ants and wood lice etc can’t cross a sticky substance.
  9. Soften a dried out leather jacket…or other leather item. Apply jelly with a lint free cloth massaging it into the leather. Leave for a couple of hours repeat if need be. Buff. Tah dah.
  10. Free up a rusty lock..smear a thin layer over the key and slide back and forth a couple of times in the lock before trying to open it.
  11. Stop a graze or small cut from bleeding if you don’t have a plaster.
  12. Lubricate the threads on outdoor lightbulbs to prevent them rusting in place.
  13. Use to keep moving parts on manual tools lubricated.
  14. Smear over the top of a bird feeder to stop squirrels getting a good hold.
  15. Apply liberally to the wooden handles of tools when you put them away in the winter. It soaks in and prevents to wood from splintering and splitting.
  16. Add a spoon of sugar to a blob of jelly and use as a hand scrub to remove car oil and grease.
  17. Coat car battery terminals to prevent corrosion.
  18. Remove chewing gum from hair: coat the gum liberally, wait two minutes working through the hair and gum and remove with a tissue or paper towel. Repeat. It takes a few minutes but works.
  19. Coat the treads on nail polish bottles to prevent them sticking.
  20. A smear of vaseline on the lens of your camera will give your photographs lovely soft focus.
  21. Coat your dogs paw pads in winter to prevent salt and grit drying them out.

Any more ideas? Please share them in the comments box below.

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3 thoughts on “21 Non-Cosmetic Uses For Petroleum Jelly”

  1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
    You have forgotten one very popular use. Dare I say it? As a lubricant for…………
    Well, I think you know what I mean. LOL

    1. Sue…how naughty!!!!

      Actually it’s not the best thing to use as a personal lubricant…way too many chemicals for intimate use in my humble opinion…but if you’re happy putting a petrol derivative into your body good luck lol



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