A Normal Everyday Personal Crisis Can Totally De-rail Your Prepping Efforts


We hear a great deal about the prepper mindset, the will to survive. Well I have discovered during the last couple of weeks that  having a prepper mindset may not be enough to get me through a major crisis.

A couple of weeks ago, something happened to me that totally and utterly wiped me out. I was and am fine physically…I think, but the stress I was under paralysed me, and I mean totally paralysed me.

I  totally and utterly failed to cope.

Now I pride myself on being a practical, hands on type of person. I am calm in a crisis, though as this has proved I am calm in somebody else’s crisis I am maybe not so good when dealing with one of my own.

For two weeks I have barely slept, cried buckets of tears, asked myself questions, asked other people questions. I have let down my employer, and other people including my child.

I have suffered a bit of a meltdown. That was the official medical term.


Nothing more than a series of relatively small events that eventually led to one that broke me…the straw that broke the camels back.

I never saw it coming, never saw the stress building and then one morning…BOOM.

It’s not that I failed to deal with issues as they occurred, I have been my usual efficient self yet for two weeks I have found myself barely able to function, semi-comatose, walking mile after mile because I can’t bear to be in the house that we have restored from the foundations up.

If this had of occurred in a crisis situation I, and those closest to me would most likely have not survived such has been my ineffectiveness.

Finding yourself in such a situation makes you think very hard about your life and I have discovered a few very valuable things about myself that may or may not be useful to you.

  • You have to have respite. Nobody can go on day after day, week after week ad infinitum soaking up other people’s problems, being everything to everyone, without it having an effect.
  • There has to be time every single day where you disconnect and do something that matters to you for no other reason than you enjoy it. It doesn’t matter what as long as you have time to breathe and relax, even if just for an hour.
  • Having a garage full of preps and a years worth of food only gives you so much peace of mind. It Isn’t a panacea for everything.
  • Sometimes we look in the mirror and see a harried face looking back at us and just shrug and walk away. Don’t. Take a longer look, see the value in that face and put it’s owner first sometimes.
  • Frugality is great, it frees up cash for other more important things BUT sometimes those “important” things can wait. It isn’t a crime to deal with your own needs first once in a while.
  • Minor issues don’t always stay minor…get enough of them whizzing around in your head and they start to aggregate into a something bigger. Don’t get to the point where you are overwhelmed. If you think you have dealt with it but it’s still in your head – you haven’t dealt with it properly. Revisit the issue and deal with it fully.
  • Make lists: Hard copy pen and paper lists. Make them huge, comprehensive and cross things off as you achieve them, it actually shows you that you are getting somewhere as you cross them off.
  • Talk to someone: Yeah, I know, me neither, not my style and that most definitely worked against me. The problems seemed insurmountable and I started questioning my own judgement. Ranting, when it finally happened was like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.

I’m now easing myself back into living instead of just existing. It’s going to take a while because I am a very different person than I was just two weeks ago.

It’s a very hard fact learning so suddenly and without warning that you are not invincible. It’s painful, it shakes your world. Not reacting as you believed you would is an eye-opener.

The take away from this, a gift from me to you is not to assume you will cope because sometimes you won’t. I have no idea if something major had gone down if I would have postponed my crack-up or if I would have continued as I did. What it has done is make me aware, very aware of how fast these things can happen and the truly devastating effects they can have on an individual.

My confidence in myself and my abilities is shot to pieces and it’s going to take a while to get that back but I’m the only person that can do it. There is no quick fix.

Sit down, breathe and think. If there is something weighing on you deal with it however small and niggling and unimportant it may seem at the time.

Take care


10 thoughts on “A Normal Everyday Personal Crisis Can Totally De-rail Your Prepping Efforts”

  1. The comments you have already had are so excellent there really isn’t much to add except maybe to add that talking to God about the stuff that bothers me really helps me.
    Just a thought.
    Thank you for sharing this, you are probably the only preparedness writer who would and that makes you very special.
    You are a real blessing.
    Sue xx

  2. Liz

    So sorry that you went through such a rough patch, but you’ve survived it. I had my “disaster” occur 20 years ago and let me tell you, it took months and months to crawl out of that hole. Never saw it coming and suddenly my world was in pieces.

    I’ve since managed to move on and almost seem normal on most days. Every once in a very long while, something happens related to that disaster and I find myself back in that hole. I’m getting used to crawling back out of it. Maybe I’ve developed calluses on my hands and knees and no longer feel the pain as I fight my way back.

    A few weeks ago, it happened again. Something totally out of my control put me right back into that pit of despair.

    I made a resolution to do what suits me best and move on from it. The person who kept knocking into the pit is now residing there. And I feel great.

    Yes, it takes time and effort to get “back to normal”, but it’s worth it. And he can rot in that pit for all I care.


    1. Hiya kk

      i know what you mean but mt in and out moments seem to be alternating moment by moment,,,it’s like a bloody rollercoaster ride that I can’t get off.

      Thanks for sharing


  3. I think it took a lot of guts to bare yourself this way. But on the other hand, I hope it helped by getting it out. Do I think less of you? On the contrary, girl, you are a champ. You said it changed you–don’t try to judge the result for some time. What looks huge now, in 6 months may be just a sad memory. But all experience changes us; sometimes we just don’t notice it because it’s gradual. You got this one all at once. We don’t even have to know what the crisis was. But you came through, and picked yourself back up and went on. Bravo.

    Now perhaps a new resolution? Don’t give away all the pieces of yourself to others. Been there, done that. And now I see that I may have deprived the others of chances for their own growth by easing the way or propping them up. There’s a fine line…

    1. Thank you Ladybug

      This whole thing certainly made me stop and think I can tell you. I think the shock of actually acting and behaving so differently to how you perceived you would is a crisis on it’s own without all the other shit!!

      Well, there’s only one way to go…forwards.

      Thank you so much for your kind words


  4. Thank you for sharing so vulnerably, Liz. I’m praying for you–for peace of mind, calmness of spirit, and joy in your heart to be yours in even greater measures than you’ve ever had before. Going through a painful experience such as you have can help us re-evaluate and reprioritize. Hard at the time, but the end results can make us more aware of our strengths and weaknesses (which are usually also our strengths!).

    I so appreciate you and the valuable sharing you provide…thank you for the time and effort it costs you to educate and prepare us! May you be encouraged, Liz, and come through this valley richer in all the ways that matter!

    Charey Neal

    1. Morning Charley,

      Thank you, yes, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride and I think it will be for sometime, good days and bad days and all that but what’s to be done? Sometimes things are genuinely out of our own control and accepting that is part of the whole getting through it thing I think.

      I hate saying no to people but sometimes as Ladybug said they have to decide for themselves and grow on their own. I have realised I can’t fix everyone and everything and that’s just the way it is at the minute.

      Thanks for your support


  5. Thank you, Liz. Very good and useful advice. Over the past couple of days I was feeling caught up in a difficult problem I cannot solve now. I decided I would go to a movie (Arrival) and lose myself in the movie. It really did help. With your advice it confirms that I too sometimes need to set aside the necessary and do something just for myself.

    I hope you can recover fully and rediscover having fun and getting lost in something that takes you away from the stuff that tends to overwhelm anyone. And thank you for what you do here on this site and for your honesty. 🙂

    1. Hi Steve,

      Nice to hear from you again. Ah well you see, I wasn’t wise enough to go to the movies!!!! I should have done something, anything but I didn’t. Life is a steep leaning curve sometimes and I got to the top of a very steep path then fell off the bloody mountain lol. All or nothing me, always have been.

      Well you live and learn. Scuffed knees, a few bruises, a couple of very deep cuts but they will heal in time.

      Thanks for your comments and all that lol


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