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Vacationing Army Reservist Gets Rescued Using Flashlight To Send Morse Code Message

Imagine you are walking alone along a deserted beach on a crisp winters day. The terrain is flat, the sea is calm and there are buildings within a mile or two of your location.

Then you slip on some seaweed and feel your leg snap…

British army reservist Sgt Tim Robinson found himself in exactly this position.

The 54-year-old was visiting Dorset in the south-east of the UK from his home in Derbyshire, in the north of the British Midlands. Robinson who has done three tours of duty in the Middle East is now in hospital awaiting surgery to fix the break.

This from the BBC

Sgt Robinson was walking on his own on the Jurassic Coast when he slipped, fell and broke his leg on Tuesday afternoon.

He was two miles away from the nearest town and did not have a mobile phone on him.

He said: “I stepped on some seaweed and slipped, then my leg snapped. “I fell backwards and I heard it go with a large crack, my foot was at a 45 degree angle.

“[There’s a] moment of disbelief and denial, and then you pull yourself together and think, ‘what have I got with me and what am I going to do?’.”

He staggered and crawled for about two hours before he took out his miniature torch and began signalling towards his hotel, where he hoped his wife would be looking for him.

Signalling SOS repeatedly, and swinging the flashlight above his head, something used in the armed forces to attract the attention of a helicopter, his wife eventually saw his signal and went down to the beach where she found him.

Morse code is a way of communicating, spelling out letters with dots and dashes. It can be used effectively with nothing more than a flashlight, as Robinson demonstrated , or by sound, close together raps representing dots and longer spaced raps representing dashes.

For example.


S                                                O                                   S

Using a flashlight to say the same thing would be three short flashes close together followed by three longer flashes  and then finally three more short flashes.  All together it looks like this:

 You Tube

Something else I need to learn.

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