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The Indoctrination Of British Children Begins


The pompous Chief Inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw has recommended that children in the UK start school at TWO years old.

At two many kids have not finished teething, many are not toilet trained and most still fall asleep at some point during the day. To suggest that babies should be enrolled in school is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time, but from a government perspective it makes perfect sense.

He proposes that more schools should open for extended hours and that eventually all children should be attending school for ten hours a day for a minimum five days a week.
There are laws that prevent adults working more than 48 hours a week yet he wants children to be in school for at least 50 hours a week.

Getting children into the ‘system’ at two years old would ensure that they are well prepared for a life of government slavery. Repeatedly hearing about things they cannot understand is a form of brainwashing that would ensure they trot out the ‘company line’ as they grow older and move forward with their lives. His constant emphasis on ‘poorer children’ is worrying. It ties the socioeconomic group of the child’s family to a presumed lack of ability.

Couple this with a government that makes it very difficult for parents to home school and you get a clear view of the agenda. The government is attempting to raise British toddlers for 50 hours of their waking week

The British education system is a target led system. Huge amounts of energy and money is spent on testing children from a very young age. School who fail to get their pupils to required levels are taken over by the government and ‘super heads’, government appointed leaders are put in place to turn the school around and make sure that the pupils reach the required levels.

Like all systems that are based on numbers it is open to abuse and those abuses are obvious to anyone that looks closely at what is happening. The most able pupils are held back and entered for exams one level below their ability to bolster the number of pupils getting top marks.
Turning up for school on test days is incentivised with ‘treats’ for the kids as non-attenders reduce percentage points in the tables.

Very able children are used as free teaching assistants for the other kids. Complaining parents are told it teaches the able kids altruism via helping others and the less able kids often respond better to other kids. This also prevents them having to up the level of work for the more able children, something the system discourages.

Many children who are average are given a PEP…Personal Education Plan. This means that they qualify for extra help, and the school gets extra cash for this. Schools with lots of kids on a PEP are not expected to have such high league scores as schools with fewer kids requiring extra help.

Teaching standards vary so widely it is common to move home to be near a decent school. Catchment areas mean if you live beyond a given distance from the school gates you cannot apply to that school. This means more affluent parents get their kids into better schools. Those children who show a lack of ability will get more attention than they would at a bad school, this moves them up the league tables.

Putting babies in school is not going to alter any of these things, but what it will do indoctrinate our babies into the state mentality at an even younger age. You can pretty much push any agenda you like on kids of that age. This group will be heading towards ‘cannon fodder’ military positions, that group will be civil servants. How about brainwashing a certain number of kids that reproduction is not a good idea. The world is over-crowded enough already according to the powers that be.

I will leave you with Sir Michael’s words on his televised address:
‘ By starting young we have the ability to shape a child’s future”

The possibilities are endless.

Then, to add insult to injury the government decides another shake up is required:

  • No longer will qualified teachers have to be well, qualified, just prove knowledge of their field.
  • The National Curriculum will be phased out leaving schools to decide what they teach and how they teach it. Quite how future employers will know what standards have been reached is uncertain as the future of current examinations has not yet been decided.
  • Most schools will be forced to accept academy status…meaning our schools are effectively run by private companies and are outside of government control

Then they wonder why more and more parents are opting for home schooling.

Take Care