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Governments Are Just Taxpayer Funded Cults


When you hear the word cult what do you think of?

Charles Manson (The Manson Family)

David Koresh (Branch Davidians)

Jim Jones (Peoples Temple)

Sun Ayung Moon (Unification Church aka ‘The Moonies’)

Shoko Asahara (Aum Shinrikyo)

Joseph Di Mambro (Order Of The Solar Temple)

There are more, many more and most are condemned by governments, mainstream religions and the general public alike.

Every cult on the planet has a leader, a number one who acts on the psyche of their followers convincing them of any number of things:

  • The world is coming to an end.
  • All other cults have got it wrong.
  • All mainstream religions have got it wrong.
  • The government have got it wrong.
  • Only the leader of the cult knows how to solve the problems mankind faces.
  • The rules laid down by the cult are for the good of all cult members.
  • Anyone opposed to the cult must be dealt with in one way or another.
  • The cult leader is benevolent but can and will maintain control at all costs.
  • The cult leader will ask the opinion of his/her followers but will ultimately make decisions solo in order to further exert control over the followers.
  • Sanctions for disobeying the rules further entrench the power of the leader.
  • The cult leader has ‘perks’ not available to the followers – often better food, housing or transport.
  • The cult ethos, it’s raison d’être is often built purely on the views of the leader with his/her chosen few acting as the enforcers for the cult.
  • One can progress from the general ranks to the chosen few by pleasing the leader.
  • Cult leaders are fickle and can cast aside a chosen one for a relatively small misdemeanour.
  • Followers are expected to pay tithe or raise money for the cult. the larger the donation the more favour you are likely to court from the leader.
  • If all else fails cult leaders rule with fear to keep everything the way they want it turning the cult into a mini dictatorship.

The list goes on and on depending on and on and depending on which cult you are looking at can include bizarre rituals undertaken by the leader and the chosen few, meetings behind closed doors excluding all but the chosen few, interference in matters outside of the cult such as attacking individuals, large gatherings of non-cult members or the government and using deprivation of food, freedom or medical care to enforce authority over the followers.

Now, you may have noticed quite a few things on that list don’t only apply to cults, they apply to the government in practically any country you care to name.

The only difference is that the government leader, the presidents and the prime ministers are elected by the people…fine as far as it goes but then the truly cult-like business begins.

The manifesto’s that got them elected fall by the wayside as they start moving in ever more elitist circles, mixing with others of their ilk. Their public face that was seen smiling, making promises and kissing babies changes…they have got the job, now the real purpose of their tenure begins.

Publicly they are in their position to give service to the people of their nation, in reality they are not. Once upon a time yes, the Founding Fathers, Gladstone and William Pitt yes, they wanted to improve the lot of their countrymen. The modern leaders no, that’s not the game at all.

The idea is to be in charge when the final hammer blow falls on the population. To be in command when the One World Government takes control. To be invited to take a seat at the top table when the New World Order comes to pass.

The secret meetings with The Bilderberg Group, the summits at Davos are all leading to one thing and one thing only, totalitarian rule by the selected elite over the masses.

The New World Order cult leaders will be omnipotent. They will control the fuel, the food, the jobs, they will control every facet of the lives of the masses. Pockets of resistant will exist, people like you and I will not take this lying down but we need to be careful.

The time for talking to the unaware about what is to come has passed. The time for trying to convince people to prepare has gone. Talking openly sounds like rebellion and it could cost you and you family dearly.

The time has come to go quiet. To step up your preparations in a controlled and discreet manner, to blend in and not make waves. To take up new ‘hobbies’ that may be of use in the future. To learn about and practice vegetable growing where prying eyes can’t see what you’re doing, leave the front yard ordinance violations to others.

It sounds like I’m advising compliance but that’s not the case at all. A professional soldier knows when it’s time to advance and when it’s time to fall back and plan.

Fall back and plan for your future, because if you don’t take control now you may not get the chance.

The time is now.

Take Care