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Project Paperclip: Mother of MK Ultra


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Immediately the war ended the United States and Russia started searching for German military and scientific secrets. They were not only looking for designs of new aircraft, weapons and rockets, but for the men and women that designed them, as well as the scientists who worked in the fields of chemistry medicine and physics. They regarded the scientists as the people who had brought Germany close to winning the war.

The first problem occurred when the first batch of rounded up scientists arrived in the United States. It was blatant they knew more, much more than they had been given credit for. The original idea had been to interview them, debrief them and then send them back to Germany, but on finding out the extent of the knowledge they held this was out of the question, they were simply far to valuable to let go.

The War Department decided they would keep these men and women in the United States and learn from them in order to update and perfect techniques hitherto unknown or unsuccessful. As stated, this was a problem because US law expressly forbade official members of the Nazi party to live and work in the United States and most of the people in the group were Nazis. The President, Harry Truman, was convinced these scientists could not only help the United States get back on its feet after the war, but that they would put the USA on a path that would enable them to become a technological and scientific superpower.

In September 1946 Project Paperclip was sanctioned by Truman. This allowed selected scientists to be brought into the US and although Truman stated that none of them should be Nazi Party members all of those in authority knew that it would be impossible to find scientists with the knowledge the United States wanted that weren’t members of the forbidden party. As a paper exercise all of the dossiers on those scientists The Joint Intelligence Agency wanted to stay were sent to the Department of Justice, who predictably refused visas to all of those on the list on the grounds that they were ‘ardent Nazis’ The then director of the Intelligence agency Bosquet Wev felt that they were more of a security risk if they were sent back than they would be if they stayed. With the full knowledge of the CIA director, Allen Dulles the files of the scientists were rewritten with no mention of their Nazi Party affiliation.

At some point Allen Dulles met with the leading Nazi Intelligence leader Reinhart Gehlen and over a period of months Gehlen gave Dulles intelligence that he could have only dreamed of. Dulles delivered this to the CIA who used it to set up the projects that later morphed into MK-ULTRA, OPERATION MIDNIGHT CLIMAX and ARTICHOKE.

By 1955 760 German scientists has US citizenship and most held high status positions within the American scientific community. Not only had these people held Nazi Party membership but some were formally members of the Gestapo. Amongst those given residency were doctors and scientists who had conducted experiments on humans in concentration camps.

Some of those given citizenship were:

Kurt Blome who experimented with bubonic plague on prisoners of war. He was hired by the US Army Chemical Core two months after being aquitted at Nuremberg. This aquittal came even though he had admitted publically to taking part in human experimentation.

Arthur Rudolph was the director of a factory that used forced labour and saw 20,000 people die from beatings and starvation. He designed the rockets used for the Apollo programme and fled back to Germany in 1984 when his war record came to light.

Werner Von Braun designed the V2 rocket that pummelled England. He became NASA’s associate administrator in 1970 after working for some time at the Marshall Space Flight Centre and achieved minor celebrity status as one of Walt Disneys experts on World of Tomorrow.

The list goes on and on and on.

Project Paperclip was retired in 1957, not because of any feelings of wrongdoing, but because Germany objected to the US using taking its scientists and preventing it as a nation from developing its own scientific skills.

Allen Dulles went on to open a lab at McGill University Montreal Canada. The operation was headed by Dr Ewan Cameron, a psychiatrist. A man who had served at the Nuremberg Trials and who had full knowledge of what many of the German scientists had been involved in.

Cameron conducted experiments that came right out of the notes made by Nazi scientists. He confirmed some of the results, and extended some of the experiments using different drugs than were available in Nazi Germany during the war. Electro ‘ therapy’ was used, as was sleep deprivation, memory implantation, memory eradication and drug induced thought modification. Psychotropic drug were admisistered to men and women in the armed forces and experiments conducted to test radiation thresholds of unsuspecting individuals. It was at this point, having concluded that many of the techniques worked that MK-ULTRA was born, closely followed by MK-DELTA MK-SEARCH, MK-OFTEN and MK-NAOMI

These projects carried on unabated into the 70’s before being closed down. In 1973, knowing that the end was near for the project the then director of the CIA Richard Helms ordered all files related to the project, and it’s sub-projects which are estimated to be about 150 in total to be destroyed. In 1977 a request under The Freedom of Information Act lead to Senate hearings later that same year after more than 20,000 documents relating to the MK projects were discovered. The last of the information regarding MK and it’s sub-projects was declassified in 2001 but due to the amount of information Helms ordered destroyed makes it impossible to know exactly what was done and by whom.

So what if anything replaced MK-ULTRA and it’s siblings?

Officially the answer is nothing, and of course the Government would never lie would they?

Look around you. Often things are safest when hidden in plain sight. With an estimated 116 University campuses, at least two in most states and more in some, all having some form of government paid research lab, government psychologists and psychiatrists working on those same campuses and facilities such as Plum Island, the CDC, Fort Detrick and the Behavioural Science Unit at Quantico, not to mention what the CIA is up to on foreign soil it has to be considered that updated versions of these experiments continue to this day.

There will never be transparency regarding these things, not in the USA, the UK, or any other country you care to mention. All of them are trying to keep their edge in an increasingly chaotic world. We the public are often the guinea pigs for these experiments without our even knowing it.

Within the last 20 years evidence has proved that the military has tested biological agents on its own personnel on numerous occasions.

The CDC has admitted that 1500 babies were given unlicensed vaccines as an experimental procedure without their parents giving consent.

Un-named biological substances released into the Boston and Chicago subway systems supposedly to test sensors.

I am sure there are dozens if not hundreds more examples like these.

Just as Project Paperclip morphed into the MK group of projects it is entirely possible that the reason behind the experiments has also morphed.
With so many of the global elite intertwined with politicians and policy makers are the descendants of MK-ULTRA being used not only to keep the USA at the forefront of biological, psychological and chemical development but to further the aims of the eugenicists who favour Agenda 21?

How easy it would be to wipe out hundreds of thousands of people and blame it on some distant adversary. They, the government,  have the technology and they have the capability to do it.

Are the individuals shooting up movie theatres and eating the faces off their victims people for whom the experiments did not quite work? Or conversely, did the experiments work and their behaviour was exactly what was expected of them?

There are more questions than answers at this point, and it looks set to remain that way for the foreseeable future. One thing that is an absolute certainty though is that whatever is going on behind the closed doors of the labs it is unlikely to be for the good of the masses of ‘ useless eaters’ and far more likely to be of benefit to those who consider themselves to be the global elite.

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