The World On The Cusp Of Massive Civil Unrest


Although we all knew there would be protests against president Trump in the United States I am surprised that the protests have spread around the globe at such a speed. It seems that anyone with a beef about anything has jumped on the band-wagon and is out there on the streets waving placards decrying the 45th president of the United States.

The problem is, like any good snowball made of squeezed together individual snowflakes is once you start it rolling it gathers speed, picks up more snowflakes along the way and before you know it its thundering down the hill with almost unstoppable force.

I am concerned for the future – not because I think trump is going to cause a world war, nor do i worry because I think he will anger the Iranians to the extent that they will fire one of their supposedly ready nuclear weapons at the States and it lands on the UK instead because they never got the maths right and it dropped out of the sky a little early.

No. I worry because of the amount of people that are taking to the streets supposedly protesting about Trump and his “radical” policies when in fact they really don’t give a shit about him, his policies or the alleged down-trodden poor he is preventing moving to the United States.

They are out there protesting because they are opportunists that didn’t have the balls to go and protest about their little cause that nobody ever heard of so they chose instead to adopt Trump as their figure of hate and head on out to stir up as much trouble as possible.

The real worry though are those who are using the Trump issue to protest about Brexit. The anti-Brexit mob are the UK version of the anti_Trump mob. They refuse to accept that the referendum results didn’t go their way.

They are led by a scruffy, odious little man Called Jeremy Corbyn who couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery let alone the country. A dangerous fantasist who want’s to scrap Trident and thinks we should have open borders so we can shake hands and make friends with all those who wish to do us harm. He seems to be accepting that  extreme Islamists wish to force us into acceptance of Sharia law.

Not while I live and breathe.

So, in the UK at least the anti-Trump protests aren’t always about Trump and I see nothing that convinces me that similar protests in other countries are all about him either. Some yes, but by no means all.

As these protests ebb and flow and morph from one cause to another the prospects of them getting out of hand increases – and that is what bothers me.

We are living in a tinderbox at the moment and all it will take is one spark to set it off. you only have to look at what happened when one vegetable seller in Tunisia staged a one man protest by self-immolation. Mohammed Bouazizi’s set fire to himself on December 17th 2010.

Within a month there were protests in Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco and Syria and before the end of January 2011 the Tunisian government had been overthrown. The International Business Times has an excellent write up of the entire Arab Spring timeline  from the start to December 2016. They list month by month the goings on and it’s an excellent reminder of just how much has happened in just six years.

Such is the death toll in Syria alone, a conflict that started with the Arab Spring, that the United Nations stopped counting in 2013.

Both Amnesty International and The Syrian Center For Policy Research quote the current death toll as over 450,000 with more than 11 million displaced. It should be remembered these figures are for Syria alone…

I’m not suggesting that we are all going to defend into a Syrian style hell but it does serve to highlight how civil unrest leads to civil war.

We are on the brink of major change and there is little we can do about it at this stage. Protest is a freedom we enjoy but it comes with a price and that is accepting the will of the people. Now I know that the people protesting in the United States are saying this wasn’t their will,. that Clinton won more of the popular vote and I don’t dispute that. BUT, and it really is a big but, the people of the United States have been aware all along that the Electoral College would have the final say and nobody protested to do away with the Electoral College prior to the vote not going their way, and that’s because they believed the vote would go their way and by a landslide…we know how that ended.

The United States, if my understanding is correct is a Constitutional Republic and if that no longer suits the purposes of the people then they need to sort out a way of changing that into a system where the candidate who has the most votes, as dictated by the people, gets his, or her feet under the desk in the Oval office.

Until that’s done they remain bound by the Electoral college system and that’s the end of it.

Let’s hope that with so much time and attention focused on anti-Trump protests around the world that there are enough people keeping an eye on those who who wish to kill and maim to forward their agenda that they don’t slip through the net.

Take care


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