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Would A War In Europe Cause Food And Fuel Shortages ?


Over the last few days there have been reports of Germany and the Czech Republic advising their citizens to stockpile food and water. In addition, Germany is considering re-introducing conscription. The United States has warned Russia and Syria not to fly over ‘it’s people’, even though those people are on Syrian soil without an invitation…that is to say, they are invaders. In addition North Korea is hailing the success of a missile launch from a submarine.

Not good, the speed of change seems to be increasing pace and although change isn’t bad per se some of these particular changes seem rather ominous.

On top of this Louisiana has experienced a flood severe enough to call it a disaster, Indiana has experienced tornadoes, Italy has been hit by an earthquake and Florida is on watch for the first hurricane to possibly make landfall since Wilma in 2005.

There is tension in the air that even those who aren’t awake and aware are feeling.

Hopefully the tensions in Europe, but if they don’t what can we expect?

The UK voted in June on if as a country we should stay in the EU or leave and go it alone. Brexit as it has become known is still, looking at comments from certain politicians, not a certainty even though the bulk of Europe is pretty pissed off and just wants us to get on with it. It will take a couple of years if not longer to get the paperwork sorted out, and then, for the first time in four decades Britain will stand once again as an independent sovereign nation, something more than half the citizens of the country voted for.

A question though, and not directly connected to Brexit but to me the most pressing question of all…what will happen to this island if some form of war breaks out in Europe? We don’t produce enough food to feed out citizens, nowhere near enough. The ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign of World war ll is forgotten, consigned to the history books.

Few people grow their own fruit and veggies these days, even fewer have allotments where they have more space to grow than the average garden provides. Used to the convenience of nipping to the supermarket keeping chickens is becoming a lost skill.

We are dependant of food arriving on huge container ships from around the world. Anything that could disrupt shipping routes is bound to have an effect on the food supply in the UK.

Our domestic gas supply comes via pipelines under the North Sea, and in some cases over land before dipping under the sea to cover the final few miles to our shores. Oil, petrol and diesel arrives in a similar fashion. The raw materials that keep the country moving come into coastal processing plants before being shipped to forecourts across the country, where the trucks that keep the just in time food supplies moving.

If you haven’t started already time is possibly getting short. Increase the basics you buy week on week, get some seeds, prepare your garden for next spring and keep your tank topped up, I think we may be in for a bumpy ride.

Take care