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18 Uses For Bed Sheets


We all have them and most of us have a few that have no matching partner or that have passed their best, but for some reason we have held onto them anyway. In a crisis we may well be unable to replenish our supplies of many items and make do and mend will become the order of the day. We will have to be aware of the best way to use what we have and  even be aware of how it can be used again and again until it really is good for nothing!

Here are a few uses for those odd, partnerless sheets that lurk in the back of the linen cupboard.

  1. Use as shading for delicate plants in the height of summer.
  2. As they are lightweight they can be draped over plants and will protect them from light frosts.
  3. Cut and use as bandages.
  4. Make reusable feminine hygiene pads.
  5. Stick to window frames/behind the curtains in unused rooms to prevent heat loss in winter.
  6. Use as liners by sewing to the back of unlined curtains for cool summers and warm winters.
  7. Sew into a tube and stuff to make draught excluders.
  8. Two or three appropriate sized squares can be folded into a triangle and be used as reusable diapers.
  9. All manner of useful items can be made from old sheets, think drawstring bags, belts and bandanas to name but three.
  10. small sections can be used as wash cloths, dusters etc.
  11. Draw sheets that can be folded and go on top of regular bedding when age, either young or old, or infirmity means ‘accidents’ can happen.
  12. A thin slip of the fabric can be mixed with melted wax, candle stubs or crayons to be used as fire starters – remember to leave a little sticking up to act as a wick.
  13. A section of that same thin strip can be used as a wick for an oil lamp.
  14. Cut into strips and braided you have a rope.
  15. Cut into strips and crochet a rug or doormat.
  16. Cut into strips and then into 2″ sections and latch hook a rug.
  17. Shredded they make great filling for pillows, cushions and craft projects.
  18. Make char cloth

There you go, just a few ideas, if you have anymore please share them in the comments section below. Here are are few more similar articles:

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