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The Venezuelan Crisis: Could It Happen Here?



If you think we had it bad when the crash happened back in 2008 you need to think again. The was just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to see how bad it can get look at what’s happening in Venezuela.

Venezuela is a country in crisis. It isn’t at war with it’s neighbours, there hasn’t been a natural disaster that has thrown the country into turmoil. A solar flare hasn’t knocked out the electricity supply and no epidemic disease has hit manufacturing, industry or commerce.

The country is grinding to a halt as the crisis worsens day by day. People are queuing for hours trying to procure basic foodstuffs and other necessities for their families. It’s becoming harder and harder to put food on the table, to keep the children fed. So what exactly has happened?

Government debt and manipulation of the Venezuelan Bolivar, the currency used in Venezuela, has lead to massive inflation of prices. Oil is the main financial reserve for Venezuela and since the prices of crude started to drop the economy has been hit hard, and as the price continues to plummet so the situation in the country has deteriorated. In an attempt to keep citizens fed the government opened some stores of their own, where prices are regulated, but there is not enough to go around and queues form the night before in the hope that something will be available the next day. Robbery  committed against of those fortunate enough to leave the store with a few supplies have skyrocketed, riots are becoming more commonplace as people become more and more desperate.

The Daily Mail reports on the state of medical care in the country:

Critically, medical centers are in crisis, death rates are soaring and hospitals are filthy as supplies run low and electricity is cut off.

The Luis Razetti Hospital in the portal city of Barcelona looks like a war zone.
Patients can be seen balancing themselves on half-broken beds with days-old blood on their bodies.

They’re the lucky ones; most are curled up on the floor, blood streaming, limbs blackening.

Children lie among dirty cardboard boxes in the hallways without food, water or medication.

It’s not just food in short supply. Soap, shampoo, toilet paper, laundry detergent and many other things we regard as the basics of life are in such short supply, and even when they are available are so expensive that people are having to go without.

The government is failing to find a solution to the problems and the people are getting angry but in reality there are more important things that should be on their mind. it is only a matter of time before disease outbreaks start to occur. In every crisis throughout history typhus has made a comeback. Cholera and typhoid will once again take lives en mass as water companies are unable to effect repairs and are unable to function when the electricity goes out once too often. Deficiency diseases will start to hit as lack of a balanced diet takes a hold.

When we talk of an economic collapse we rarely think of the wider picture. Our minds are filled with thoughts of ATM machines not working and the fiat currency we have grown accustomed to not being worth the paper it’s printed on. The reality of life in an economic collapse is much worse than that, so very much worse.

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