German Government Advises Citizens To Stockpile Food And Water


For the first time since the Cold War, which officially lasted from 1947-1991, the German government has advised its citizens to stock up on food and water in case a national emergency should occur.

The reasoning behind the recommendation is to make sure everyone is provided for should emergency services be out of commission due to a state of emergency.

An Interior Ministry document stated:

“an attack on German territory, requiring conventional defence of the nation, is unlikely but a major security threat to the nation in future could not be ruled out, so civil defence measures were necessary”. (source)

The Interior Minister himself went further telling German school children:

“Germany must be prepared to react if water or food reserves were poisoned, or if oil and gas supplies were interrupted”.(source)

Not everyone agreed with the new policy with opposition parties accusing the government of scaremongering and causing people to be unsettled and encouraging them to hoard supplies.

It seems sensible in the light of global events that citizens, all citizens in all countries should be prepared. We live in unstable times where civil unrest is becoming more and more commonplace, terrorism of all types is on the increase and international tensions are rising daily.

Why would any sane person not prepare?

Is it not rational to make sure that you can provide for yourself and your family in an emergency situation?

The only thing you can be sure of is that in a serious emergency the only person you can rely on is yourself. The emergency services will be either busy dealing with whatever crisis has occurred or will be unable to function if they themselves were knocked out either before or during a wider attack.

The German government is advising a ten day supply of food and water. I don’t think that goes far enough. The Interior Minister mentioned the food or water supply being poisoned…if that were the case 10 days of food and water will be nowhere near enough to see you and your loved ones though the emergency.

Keeping a stockpile of food and water seems to make people think you are some crazy that runs around the woods dressed in camo gear every weekend. that you dream of going off grid and living off what you can grow and forage from the wild. Whilst both growing vegetables and knowing what is safe to eat in the wild are useful skills the foraging is hardly likely to keep an urbanite family alive until the veggies are harvested.

Preparedness is nothing more or less than future insurance. You pay for car insurance before someone crashes into you…why not put some food and water by before you need it?

While you’re about it you might want to consider a decent medical kit and a course that will teach  you how to use it.

There are a few other questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • How will you heat your home if the power goes down?
  • How will you cook your food if the power/gas supply is cut?
  • Is you home secure…like really secure? In a societal breakdown or national emergency those with nothing are not going to respect your property boundaries, they will be hungry and looking for food and yours is as good as anyone else when the supermarket shelves are empty.
  • What will you do about sanitation if the water supply goes down?
  • Do you have a good supply of over the counter medications?
  • If you use prescription medications order the next script at least a week before your medication runs out to make sure you have as much as possible in hand at all times.
  • Do you have enough pet food to keep your four legged friend fed until the shops are resupplied?
  • Sex doesn’t stop in a crisis, but it really wouldn’t be the best time to get pregnant girls…put condoms on the same list as extra feminine hygiene products.

Are you getting the picture? I hope so because when the unflappable and well oiled German machine starts telling people to stock up we all need to listen.

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3 thoughts on “German Government Advises Citizens To Stockpile Food And Water”

  1. Liz

    Well said! What you’ve outlined is just common sense. What does cause me concern is the fact that Germany came out and stated people need to stock water and food in case of some kind of difficulty/emergency. Although the amounts stated are minimal, its a start. I read somewhere on an alternative news site that elderly Russians are stocking up in preparation for war. And now I read that the U.K. government has a downloadable guide for preparedness available. Its at Even President Obama came out a while back and stated the same.

    Makes one wonder what is going on that all of a sudden, this same message is going out to the public from different sources. What do they know that we, the great unwashed, don’t know? Doesn’t bode well for us.

    Glad to see you back.


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