11 Surprising Uses For VapoRub


VapoRub is most often used to unblock noses when a cold makes breathing difficult. You may be surprised to know it has quite a few other uses.

  1. Apply a generous blob to aching muscles and rub in. The relief is almost instant. (Thank you guy at the gym who told me this – I love you)
  2. Apply to nails affected by a fungal infection. Your nail will darken but that will grow out. Apply daily for two weeks and you will be fungus free.
  3. Cats really dislike VapoRub and will stay away from it, smear over anything kitty likes to scratch.
  4. Still on animals when house training puppies and kittens accidents happen, often in the same place because the animal can smell its own scent. Smear VapoRub over a piece of paper and position in their favourite spot and it masks that scent.
  5. The menthol in the VapoRub can help relieve headaches, rub a small amount on your temples and relax for ten minutes and the pain should ease.
  6. A small amount spread over a splinter, or where the splinter was will help prevent infection.
  7. Smearing VapoRub under a horses nose prevents it from being distracted by scents and smells around them
  8. Mosquitoes and cats have something in common, they hate the smell of VapoRub. A dab on your wrists will discourage mosquitoes. Putting a blob into a tea light powered oil burner will waft the vapour around and will help keep your BBQ mosquito free.
  9. Vaporub dries up spots ingredients camphor and eucalyptus oil that will dry a breakout overnight. Simply put a little dab of VapoRub directly on acne and pimple
  10. Helps heal cracked heels. Spread on, massage in and put on a pair of socks to sleep in. Repeat until your heels are smooth and soft. treating once a week will maintain your sandal ready skin.
  11. A small amount spread over a MINOR burn will ease the pain.

It may not be the most alluring smell in the world but it’s worth keeping a couple of those little blue pots in the house even if you don’t have a cold.

There are many articles that you main find helpful, for convenience I’ve put links to them here.

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4 thoughts on “11 Surprising Uses For VapoRub”

  1. Because Vicks is an analgesic it also is excellent on many itchy skin conditions. Works great on rashes, eczema, psoriasis, etc.

  2. I know a retired cop who always kept a small jar of Vapor Rub in his cop car glove box. He would put a dab under his nose when on calls about dead people/animals to mask the horrendous smell that often accompanied the investigation of the scene.

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