A Dozen Unconventional Uses For Tires


Got a few tires lying around? Here’s a few ideas of how you could use them in a crisis.

  1. Tires filled with soil or rubble or a mixture of both make an effective barrier that has much more ‘stopping power’ than a traditional fence.
  2. Hawthorn or any other seriously spiky plant put in the top of such a barrier will keep out deer and make it harder for marauders to access you property.
  3. Tires make excellent potato towers. Put the potatoes in the bottom tire and when they grow put on another tire and more soil, keep going until the buds start to appear. Harvest when the flowers and vines have dried and yellowed.
  4. Individual tires can be used for planting a variety of small crops, especially if you only have hardstanding to work with.
  5. The flat side walls can be used to resole shoes and boots.
  6. Lined with thick plastic or a waterproof tarp a stack of tires will be an effective water-butt/rain catcher.
  7. Barter. Somebody somewhere will have a use for tires either for their vehicle or to improvise something else.
  8. Burning tires are hellish to put out, the noxious fumes coming from the burning rubber causes respiratory issues and irritates the eyes to the extreme. Rolling a burning tire down your drive will likely discourage visitors.
  9. The sidewall of a tire with 4″ nails banged through it makes a welcome mat no intruder will ever forget. Position it where your foot would land when you come through the door…
  10. A couple of tires with a board on top makes a serviceable table if you have nothing better to use.
  11. A large, like really large truck tire makes a great sandpit for the kids and in a difficult situation lined with plastic would serve as a bathtub.
  12. Got steps that need repairing? Live on a steep slope? Use tires


If you  have, or can get bicycle inner tubes hang on to them. Slit lengthways they are super stretchy and make a great tourniquet. They take a flame easily and will light even when soaking wet, though you will need a lighter rather than a match.

It’s worth keeping tires that fit your car even if they have been replaced but are just worn rather than damaged. A worn tire would be better than no tire in a situation where they have become scarce.

In addition to those mentioned above there are many uses for tires you could not even have imagined and those with a sharp knife and an artistic flair may want to check out this site. If That’s too artistic for you try this one…easier in my opinion. Me, well I’ll stick with the really  simple stuff.

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  1. Related to #1 is that tires filled with earth make an effective defensive fire position that bullets cannot penetrate. Think of them as an above ground foxhole.

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      Are you on Twitter? A great deal of war chatter going on….WAYYYYYY more than usual….just watching right now, nothing more to do at this point.

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