Tea Is Far More Than A Refreshing Drink: 28 Other Uses For Tea


Tea is so much more than just a drink. In fact there are more than two dozen other uses for it so grab a mug put your feet up and read on. From webmd:

Black and green both have different types of antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. Thearubigins, epicatechins, and catechins are among those listed in a USDA chart. All are considered flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. Brewed green and black teas have loads of those.

  1. Black tea contains compounds that reduce inflammation and aid clotting. If you have lost a tooth or had an extraction put a teabag in a cup with 1/2 inch of hot water and when it’s cooled bite down on the bag.
  2. Ease mild sunburn: Make a mug of strong black tea leave to cool and gently bathe the affected area.
  3. Soothe tired eyes: cold, wet teabags can reduce puffiness and soothe pain around tired eyes — and teabags on your eyes look a little less ridiculous than cucumber slices.
  4. Ease razor burn: A wet tea bag can also reduce and soothe razor burn.
  5. Soothe the pain of a boil: Cover a boil with wet tea bag overnight, and it will ease the inflammation thus reducing the pain caused by the boil.
  6. Dry poison ivy rash Dry a weepy poison ivy rash with strongly brewed tea. Simply dip a cotton ball into the tea, dab it on the affected area, and let it air-dry. Repeat as often as you need to until the irritation subsides..
  7. Home-made soap lends itself well to having black, red, white or green tea added to it:  The texture provides light exfoliation.
  8. Help recover from injections: A wet teabag on an injection site can be soothing for babies or adults.
  9. Peppermint tea mouthwash with a small amount of salt added to it makes a decent mouthwash.
  10. Shine dry hair: Brewed tea makes a good conditioner for dry hair. Rinse with  tea and leave to dry for a while, then rinse again with water.
  11. Dye hair: Brewed tea also is a good natural hair dye FOR DARK HAIR Mix rosemary and sage into dark black tea and let the mixture stand overnight. Strain the mix and thoroughly work it into your hair. Repeat as needed for the desired colour. Blondes and red heads will go a very unattractive colour. You were warned!!!
  12. Improve skin: Green tea makes an excellent skin tonic and can give a boost to dry and tired faces.
  13. Acne: Some acne sufferers swear by washing their faces with green tea. It can help keep pores clear and reduce the redness in spots.
  14. Refresh your feet: Soaking your feet in strong tea for 20 minutes per day may be a relaxing and effective way to reduce foot odour. Beware of any staining from having the brew too strong. Failing that wear thick socks to hide your ‘tanned feet’
  15. Improve breath: Gargling with strong tea can help reduce halitosis.
  16. Stay alert: Caffeinated teas have proven effects on mental alertness and strong black tea can have as much caffeine as a regular coffee.
  17. Polish up wood floors: The tannins in black tea can help shine and colour hardwood flooring. After cleaning the floor use a lint free cloth to work the tea into the wood, leave to air dry and then buff.
  18. Polish up wooden furniture: Brewed tea also can help clean and shine wood furniture. Dip a soft cloth in a small amount of tea, and use it to wipe down the tables, chairs and more.
  19. Clean mirrors and windows: Tea can remove stubborn, greasy fingerprints from glass, and make it sparkle. Simply rub a damp teabag on the glass or fill a spray bottle with brewed tea.
  20. Get rid of fishy smells: Rinse your hands with tea after eating or preparing fish (or other stinky foods) to eliminate odours. (not tested this one)
  21. Mix with potpourri: Herbal and floral note tea often retain their scent even after use, dry them out and put them in the mix for a light perfume.
  22. Car Air freshness are vile and make cars smell like institutions or public washroom. A couple of herbal teabags stuffed under the seat is far nicer.
  23. Tea is a brilliant tenderiser for tough or cheap end meat: Marinade for a couple of hours or overnight  in black tea to make it meat more tender.
  24. Add to compost:Add used tea bags to compost to help speed up the process and encourage more friendly bacteria to grow, improving the compost.
  25. Roses love tea: Spread used tea leaves around rose bushes, then add mulch and water. The tannic acid and other nutrients will benefit the plants.
  26. Acid loving houseplants will benefit from an occasional drink of cold black tea.
  27. Green and black teas have long been used in dyes for fabric and Fix by soaking in a salt bath afterwards.
  28. Burning tea leaves is a common way in Africa to deter mosquitoes and other flying bugs…smells bloody awful but seems to work though.

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